BEBLY Box in Walnut

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The game-changing solution for serving box wine or any beverage, on tap. 

  • BEBLY Box is eco-made, insulated and durable.
  • Fits 3-liter box wine bags or make whatever drink you like using our 3-liter reusable beverage bag.  
Accessories included:
  • 3-liter BPA–FREE reusable beverage bag 
  • Chill pack
  • Chalkboard sign+marker 

 Dimensions: 14.25” H x 7.5” W x 10.5" D 

    Easy to Use. Easy to Clean.

    BEBLY Box was made to make your life easier. 

    Beautiful and Functional
    Meant to fit your lifestyle.

    Helps Keep Your Beverage Chilled
    Insulated to help keep your beverages cool for hours.

    Entertaining Accessories Included
    Includes a 3-liter BEV BAG for any drink of choice, chill pack and chalkboard sign+marker.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mallory Martin
    Fantastic for a weekend away

    It was a nice touch having our bebly box out to enjoy during our staycation at our cabin, easy to use and fit the aesthetic.


    GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thank you for helping me out.


    Looks great!

    Erin Staiger

    Let me just say this product is a MUST for any wine lover! It is high quality, looks amazing, and is extremely functional. I gave these as Christmas gifts and also gifted one to myself. It was loved by all. Run, don’t walk, and grab one now!

    Three times the charm

    Ordered a walnut Bebly for a garden party with neighbors and their dogs. After receiving the walnut (which looks great), we decided the marble would look even better on our bar for the long haul…so I ordered TWO more in marble.

    Now we have three! That means there is no concern if we do red, white or specialty cocktail…we do all three :)

    Build quality is great. Flexibility built into the design means this is not just a box wine solution, rather, a solution to serve all with the refillable bladder for your favorite specialty drink(s).

    Following some advice from Bebly, we prepped with some freezer time (one or two hours) for our Chardonnay and specialty cocktail leading up to the party. As a result, the drinks were cold throughout our outdoor summer garden party. The “ice” insert and double walled design did the trick.

    Only problem now is remembering just how much you’re drinking as there’s no pile of bottles in your recycling to remind you and your guest ;)

    Cheers Bebly !!!



    What's Included?

    • BEBLY base w/ custom cutout for chill pack
    • BEBLY chill pack
    • BEBLY double-wall insulated cover
    • BEBLY drip tray w/ carrying grips
    • BEBLY 3-liter reusable bag w/ spigot + cap
    • BEBLY chalkboard sign + marker

    How long does BEBLY Box keep my beverage cool for? 

    With an already chilled beverage, BEBLY Box will help keep bevies chilled for hours!

    How do I clean my BEBLY Box / BEBLY bag?

    Super easy!  Wipe your BEBLY Box with warm water/soap. For your reusable bag, just pull off the spigot and cap, rinse with warm water (and soap if desired) and lay flat to dry. 

    Can I purchase more BEBLY reusable bags?

    Yes! We offer a gold spigot reusable bag and a black spigot reusable bag.

    What are the dimensions?

     h = 14.25" w = 7.5" d = 10.5" (out of box w/ tray)