BEBLY Box in Buffalo

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Turn your box of wine into a decor statement.  Plus, it's not just pretty, but functional and sustainable too!

  • Simply remove your favorite boxed wine bag from the box, set into BEBLY base, click on custom cover and serve!
  • Wine on tap all month long; box wine stays fresh for over 4 weeks once tapped.
  • 3-liter BPA free reusable bag included for any beverage of choice (cocktails, mocktails, cold brew, lemonade or anything in between).
  • Double-wall insulated and comes with a chill pack to keep chilled bevies cool for hours + extra room inside BEBLY base for additional ice pack.
  • Sustainable: Eco-friendly design + we plant a tree for every unit sold!
  • Glass-free, super easy to use/clean + bring it anywhere to elevate any event!  

Hosting Made Easy

Designed with ease in mind, BEBLY BOX features an insulated, double-walled top to keep your beverage chilled and a tray to catch those pesky drips. We’ve also included a few entertaining accessories to really get the party started!

Customer Reviews

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Cathy Waldron

Love it! Sits nicely on the counter and holds a wine tumbler perfectly under the spout. Just enough height to put pressure on the wine to keep it flowing til the end. Great job!

Easy to Use. Easy to Clean.

BEBLY Box was made to make your life easier. 

Beautiful and Functional
Eye-appealing designs + a tray to catch pesky drips. NO OTHER SOLUTION LIKE IT!

Helps Keep Your Beverage Chilled
Made with an insulated top to help you keep your wine bag cold for hours. Comes with a BEBLY CHILL™ ice pack for extra cooling.

Entertaining Accessories Included
Includes a 3L BEBLY BEV BAG™ for mixed cocktails, liquor and party drinks! Also, let your guests know what's in there with the chalkboard sign and marker.


What's Included?

  • BEBLY base w/ custom cutout for chill pack
  • BEBLY chill pack
  • BEBLY double-wall insulated/custom walnut cover
  • BEBLY drip tray w/ carrying grips
  • BEBLY 3-liter reusable bag w/ spigot + cap
  • BEBLY chalkboard sign + marker

How long does the insulated top keep my beverage cool for? 

With an already chilled beverage and your ice pack, Bebly Box will help keep bevies chilled for hours! For extra hot days, we've included additional room for an extra ice pack.

Can I purchase just a top design?

Not yet, but soon! 

Can your BEBLY reusable bag keep your bottled wine fresh for longer? 

While it will help preserve your bottled wine for longer than in a bottle, we recommend a 3-liter bag-in-box option for optimal freshness (guaranteed to stay fresh for 4 weeks once tapped!)

How do I clean my BEBLY Box / BEBLY bag?

Super easy!  Wipe your BEBLY Box with warm water/soap (you can also rinse in the sink). For your reusable bag, just pull off the spigot and cap, rinse with warm water (and soap if desired) and lay flat to dry. 

Can I purchase more BEBLY reusable bags?

Yes! We offer a gold spigot reusable bag and a black spigot reusable bag.

What are the dimensions?

 h = 14.25" w = 7.5" d = 10.5" (out of box w/ tray)